10 Creative Display Packaging Design Suggestions

Display Packaging

Today designers are working hard to bring impressive packaging designs to give their consumers a luxury experience. Research shows that eighty percent of consumers prefer buying unique creative Display Packaging products. It tells how creativity has a huge impact on the buying decision of customers.


Moreover, redundancy makes customers bored easily. That’s why they always remain in search of unique creative designs that give them luxury and fresh experiences. Brands often change their product retail display box shapes, designs, and colors. It is the best marketing strategy to boost sales that result in large revenues.


Here are the ten best custom display box design suggestions to make your packaging stand out.

  1. Solid Colors

Brands know that colors have an impact on human psychology. That’s why, they always remain busy introducing new solid and bright colors with typography to attract customers. Moreover, unconventional unique shades of beautiful colors easily catch the attention of the consumer’s eyes.


Research and studies show that more than ninety percent of consumers decide to buy products based on colors. The use of effective color schemes in the packaging increases brand awareness. In addition, colors bring positivity and give a unique experience to its users.


  1. Simple Geometry

Geometric shapes, figures, designs, and properties on custom display boxes are widely popular. Furthermore, they give a unique look to the packaging. Simple abstract designs with bold colors, clean lines, sharp angles, and fluid elements create an impact in the design packaging element.


For some products, using the simple geometry on the packaging adds the perfect complement to the product. Because there are always some customers who love to see simple geometric designs instead of large complex designs.


  1. Tiny Patterns and Miniature Formats

Designing tiny patterns on the packaging is another way to tempt customers. Moreover, miniature packaging formats make it easy to move the product while keeping it in the pockets.


These tiny designs look beautiful, especially on stationery products. Similarly, miniature formats are becoming popular due to their low cost and portable property.


  1. Color Gradients and Blocking

Gradual blending and smooth transition of colors are known as color gradients. However, the combination of opposite colors is called color blocking. The purpose of using this technique is to make the Display Packaging alluring that attracts customers.


Color gradients and blocking bring a unique look to the packing of products.

  1. Technical and Anatomical Drawings

Drawing animals and complex things on the packaging is a trend. The purpose of these drawings is to tell the customers about the product. For pharmaceutical products, the anatomical drawing on the display packaging is the perfect choice.


Whatever kind of product your company sells, experience this kind of unique creative design that marks a difference both onsite and on shelves of the market.

  1. Flat Illustrations

    Display Packaging

    Flat illustrations use bright colors in minimalist shapes to create two-dimensional drawings. These designs become more clear, sharp, and clean in the absence of shadows. It requires the intelligent use of graphic colors to make shapes, faces, and patterns. 

    The flat illustrations Display Packaging look beautiful, interesting, and delightful due to the delineated shape tones.

    1. Sustainability

    Now brands are looking forward to those kinds of packaging that are less harmful to the environment. Moreover, they should consume less energy during the manufacturing process. Most often, the material of the packaging is not useful for re-use. They go to waste after one use which leads to pollution. In short, the severe consequences of global warming that we are facing are caused by waste.


    Sustainable Display Packaging is the best one-stop solution that is beneficial both for the environment and the business. Customers are now preferring eco-friendly packaging as they have become more cautious regarding the environment.


    While designing your custom display boxes, keep remember the sustainability factor.


    1. Experimental Fonts

    Gradients with 3D fonts and typefaces are now produced on the packaging. Bold images are replacing the old designs to grab the attention of customers widely.


    Buyers buy those products whose fonts and designs are easy to read. Moreover, clear uniquely designed typography helps buyers to make immediate decisions to buy a product.

    1. Storytelling

    Many brands love to tell their story via packaging. In this way, they make emotional connections with their buyers. For example, how they started the business. From where and with the person they took the initiative to start the brand and what kind of strategies have helped them to become successful? Moreover, for old brands, they could tell about the journey of the transition of the product in a simple short yet comprehensive passage.

    1. Vintage

    The 90s designs, logo, illustrations, colors, and shapes give the packaging a complete vintage look. It gives a unique experience to the customers. This creative design gives a sense of longevity and calls forth nostalgia.


    When brands keep bringing old designs into their display packaging boxes from time to time, it shows the brand’s long history and its value to its customers. It creates a sense of belonging to your product to the customers and evokes emotions.

    Concluding Remarks

    Innovative, unique, and beautiful Display Packaging serves many purposes more than visuals. It is a silent marketing salesperson whose role in the growth of the business is undeniable. Having the perfect packaging stands out your product in the crowded competitive market.


    Ensure that your packaging is good by doing the design test. It saves you from worries that happen due to high costs and large time consumption. In short, continuously updating the designs of the boxes keeps your brand popular in the market.

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