5 Streaming Tricks That Apps Like Netflix Don’t Want You Know



However, if we keep our heads dug in the books or computer, the chances of our mind going blank and the creative art block is pretty high. Therefore, to keep ourselves fresh and maintain energy, it is vital to have a daily dose of entertainment.


And what can provide you with quality entertainment better, other than streaming platforms like Netflix? It is the crownless king of the realm of streaming platforms. This amazing streaming service has been at the top of the chart for many years.


There is plenty of content available on it to entertain a diverse audience. No matter if you are a youngster or a kid. Or you are an old pal interested in watching informational documentaries and films. Netflix has got something for everyone.


This is not it. The vast and diverse collection makes it the undisputed favorite of all—the latest and unique movies from all across the globe. Along with the fascinating shows that reflect the diverse and myriad content to amuse people.


Moreover, the streaming services are getting strict regarding their password-sharing policy, which has left the fans in a frenzy, even though no such decline in the subscription of the streaming channel has been seen.


This is the testimonial of the facts that anyhow, by whatever means, entertainment enthusiasts are not in the mood to leave their watching habits. Thousands of people are streaming their content on this eminent platform.


However, they are not fully aware of the potential of their account. Individuals are using it simply and enjoying the content. Only if they know how extraordinary their watching experience can be if they are familiar with the secret features of the streaming platform.


Yes, you get it right. There is much more on the streaming site than you usually see. The hidden gems are waiting to welcome you, which otherwise you would have neglected. In this blog, we are going to enlighten you with simple tricks and tips that can help you significantly enhance your watching experience.


If you are curious to know these simple tricks, then let us get started.


Unlock the Treasure of Geo-Blocked Content

Facing geo-restrictions is a daily dilemma for every person who is into streaming content online, whether you are a movie buff or a sports lover. The way every sports lover bypasses the geo-restrictions to witness their favorite game.


Similarly, you will have to play along with Netflix. For instance, the Kayo sports VPN trick helps sports enthusiasts unblock the channel outside the region to enjoy seamless broadcasts.


The same is the case with Netflix even though you have paid the subscription, you will still be unable to stream all the content. which might be available in the other regions.


Movies like Snow White and the Huntsman are not available in a few Asian countries. However, the same movie is available for European countries. Likewise, if you were streaming The Outlanders in Canada and traveled to the USA.


There, you discover that the latest season of The Outlanders is not available here. And you are dying of boredom and watching to catch up on your series. Then fret not; use a quality VPN and enjoy your content from where you have left it.


Also, by changing your server network to any other, you can discover a wide new collection of movies and exciting shows that you can cherish.

Secret Menu and HD Quality

Although you have a pretty awesome and extensive library of content available to you on your streaming account already. But who wouldn’t love some extra bonus content? There is a secret menu available that only a few geniuses know how to crack.


Well, it is not rocketing science. All you need to know is some codes. If you are in search of a new movie in a particular genre, then write that in the search bar along with the code, and boom! You get a whole new list of content.


What is better to enjoy new stuff in HD quality? Yes, you can enhance the quality of the visuals you are watching. By exploring playback settings in your account and changing HD quality to Ultra HD.

Explore With the Search Bar

A search bar seems to help you find your desired content. But it can do much more than simply bring forth your searched content. Suppose you are in a down mood and dont know what to watch. And you are aimlessly just scrolling through the library.


Then simply type the name of the actor or genre you want to watch, or even you can type Award Winning movies. It will provide you with outstanding content.


Delete Your History

Often, it may look quite impossible to erase your search history.  And the struggle to delete your viewing history ends up frustratingly. But not anymore. If you want to hide your viewing history from others, simply click on the profile.


Look for viewing activity and tap the hide icon on the right to delete a particular content. That’s it, all done and dusted.

Say Goodbye to Spongers

If you have shared your Netflix password with your exes and friends with whom you are no longer in touch with. But they are still ripping you off by exploiting free streaming services from your account.


Then it’s high time to kick them off from your account, too! Simply go to settings and log out of all devices. And change your password. This way, you can boot the freeloaders from your account.

Wrapping Up

Lastly, we hope you will find these simple tips helpful to enhance your watch party. And will incorporate them from now on if you still have not.


Happy Streaming!

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