Auto repair software -4 features that make it essential for your business

Auto Repair
Auto Repair

Auto Repair: Looking a few years back, we know how formal and boring it was when you had to set the table with piles of paper and pens. A heavy black calculator was also accompanied by it. Technology has evolved. People have started putting back their notepads and calculator because they can handle everything on their mobiles with a few clicks. 

If you are still occupied with lots of paperwork, it’s time to slide it away from your table and switch to auto repair shop management software like most of your competitors have. 

How can Auto Repair Software Help Your Business?

Being an owner of an auto repair shop is demanding and stressful, right? This software is the one-stop shop for managing and handling the tasks of both owners and managers. Sounds impressive?

Let’s dig in further to learn more about auto repair software.

Using the right software for your automotive business will make your operations successful and efficient. It can productively save you time. 

Efficient auto repair store software can take care of all your time-taking and brainstorming tasks, such as:

  • Estimating 
  • Ordering replacement parts
  • Payroll management
  • Digital vehicle inspection (DVI)
  • Setting appointments 

Have you heard about John and the tragic story of his auto repair shop?

John was the owner of an auto repair shop in Texas. He was working with the old methods of compiling everything in files and cabinets. His files were the treasure of his business for him. 

Many of his friends suggested that he should shift to reliable management software for his automotive shop, but he always gave statements of paperwork being secure and long-lasting.

One fine day, when he was about to look at the cluster of files to find the history of an old vehicle, he found out that bugs like silverfish and booklouse were dining on his so-called secure paperwork. 

John was shocked and saddened as he lost the history of most vehicles and many other important documents. He told everything to his friend Patrik when he stopped by to meet him.

Patrick reminded him of how all others suggested an auto repair shop management software. John realized his mistake and agreed that all of his work would be secure if he shifted it digitally on time.

Now, John has shifted all of his business online to auto shop software. This is what he says about it.

“Handling my business was never this easy. Everything is just a click away. I can now send my clients their estimates in a few seconds. History of all the vehicles is secure from silly silverfishes.”

You should already shift to good management software before having a tragic silverfish and booklouse experience like john.

4 Common Auto Repair Shop Management Features

Auto repair management software is more than just making estimates and booking appointments on the go!

  • Invoicing 

With auto repair iinvoicing software, you may always maintain track of all past data without stress. Wave goodbye to your arduous labor.

Creating invoices never seems fun to me. It is boring, and all the calculations can blow up your mind. With the best shop management software, you can use the feature of auto repair invoicing. 

It is easy, dependable, and simple. To turn your estimates into an invoice, just tap. Presto! It’s that quick. It also saves you from the hustle of going back to customers, again and again, asking about payments. You can share the digital invoice with a share button in the app.

  • Digital Vehicle Inspection

Auto Repair

Auto Repair

Some technicians spend a lot of time on manual inspection. It can slow down the process and affect the workflow of your business. 

You can perform multiple inspections in no time using the digital vehicle inspection software for your auto repair shop. To maintain transparency with the client, you can also attach multiple pictures. 

You do not have to go back to step one to inspect different issues. Multiple inspection issues can be out under one repair order. It saves time and clears confusion.

In case any inspection issue is linked to the customer’s last visit. You can simply fetch the history of the previous services with the special repair order. 

You can manage your whole garage with the smartphone in your hand. 

Your customers bringing their expensive cars to your garage surely only have a little time. They will be more frustrated with every passing minute of the wait. 

It’s beneficial for both of you to perform tasks quickly on the go so that you can save time and trust your customers. 

  • Appointment Scheduling Widget

Talking about appointments, a lot of us are not call people. Some of us get anxious while taking calls. But we can not let our clients go away with this weakness of ours. 

Why not convert this weak point of ours into our strong point? Your auto repair shop management software can help your clients book appointments online without any calls. That sounds like a relief.!!!

Your appointment booking widget can be customized according to your customer’s interests. For many people browsing your website, booking an appointment instantly would be easier than making a call.

In this competitive market, we should take advantage of every chance to convert visitors into customers.

  • Labor rates and assigning tasks

If your shop management software contains all the billing details of different services and repair parts, it will make the job easier for you. By saving labor rates for all your technicals in your software, you can create estimates for your clients on the go.

You can assign tasks to your technician as soon as your clients send approval. In this way, you will have a clear picture of your technicians’ progress and their workload. 

In case of any issue in the future with the customer’s vehicle, you can easily review which technician did the job and what the job was.

Key Takeaways:

  • You’ll save time all around and increase employee productivity. Get your technicians back to the cars and away from the clipboards.
  • Auto shop management software gives you access to many reports, analytics, and crucial performance indicators, such as labor cost. You can track the operation of your car repair shop with it.
  • Spend less money on useless paper and printing. At the same time, enjoy the assurance that your digital papers are protected by data encryption and other software security technologies.
  • With auto repair shop management software, it is simpler to maintain your inventory up to date and fully stocked.
  • Software for managing auto repair shops keeps you competitive. Stay caught up with updated auto shops that are already undergoing major changes.

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