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A convicted murderer Erica Jenkins asks for name change to Elluminati Egoddess Erikka Prestige

erica jenkins

Erica Jenkins, who is serving the life sentence of murder and between 20 and 30 years for beating an inmate inside the prison of York she has asked for her name be changed legally into Elluminati Egoddess Ericka Prestige. The court has been asked for a hearing on July. She is seen with her former defense counsel Christopher Johnson during a hearing in York County District Court.

YORK, Neb. — Erica Jenkins, 31, an inmate of the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York who is serving an indefinite sentence in prison for murder. She has asked to have her name changed.

Jenkins has filed a petition to Jenkins has petitioned York County District Court, seeking a hearing to be held on July 12 to ensure that her request for a name change will be reviewed.

She’s asking for her legal name be changed by Erica Ashley Jenkins to Elluminati Egoddess Erikka Prestige.

Jenkins is being sentenced to life for the murder in 2013 of Curtis Bradford of Omaha. Jenkins is the sister of death row jailer Nikko Jenkins. Jenkins was involved in Bradford’s murder and was the perpetrator of 3 other murders. She is also serving a long sentence for robbery that was linked to the murder.

Jenkins is also being held for a 20- to 30 years sentence for the beating of another inmate, Christine Bordeaux. Jenkins has been found to be guilty by the York County jury of assaulting Bordeaux (her cousin who was a witness for Jenkins and the Jenkins brothers in the Bradford trial). In that trial, Bordeaux suffered a concussion fractured nose, broken arm and concussion.

Erica Jenkins sentenced to another seven years for her rage against jailers

Like pouring water on a fish.

In prison for life and 100 year for the crime of murder Erica Jenkins was sentenced Monday to another seven years’ prison time for assaulting three Douglas County jailers.

In an agreement to plead guilty, Jenkins pleaded no contest to three counts of assault against a person who was in a restricted area. Other charges were dismissed.

After she had pleaded no contest to the three assaults, Erica Jenkins said she was the victim and was trying to defend herself. She also claimed that Douglas County jailers continually lashed at her.

“Douglas County is similar to Alcatraz,” she said.

Prosecutor Nissa Jones argued against. She said Erica Jenkins earned every one of her confined placements at the Douglas County Jail — initially, she was convicted of murder, and then repeatedly committing.

Jones spoke about the events leading for the convictions that led to three:

In September of 2013, Erica Jenkins flipped over a lectern in a courtroom in jail and then headbutted and kicked the corrections officer taking her out. She was sentenced to one year in prison for the incident.

In the most serious incident in September 2014 Erica Jenkins rushed a female correctional officer informing her that her recreation time was up. She pushed the officer to the ground and then slammed her.

The officer sustained scratches to the right side of her cheeks, eyelids left cheek, and nose. Erica Jenkins also ripped out pieces of hair from the officer’s. The judge Peter Bataillon gave her four years of prison time for that attack.

In the last attack of the month of November Erica Jenkins swung a baton at a correctional official and struck her on the head and causing a massive goose egg. The officer was hit with a forearm after she resisted Erica Jenkins’ second swing of the broomstick. Bataillon awarded her two years in prison for the incident.

“They are trying to portray me as a villain due to the fact that I’m Nikko Jenkins the sister of Nikko Jenkins,” Erica Jenkins said she cried at one moment. “I’m not an evil person.”

Erica Jenkins is serving a life sentence for killing Curtis Bradford with a shot in the head on August. 19 2013. Her sister, Nikko Jenkins, arranged Bradford by claiming that they were planning be committing a robbery. She was also found guilty of two counts of robbery in connection with preparing two suspects Juan Uribe-Pena as well as Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz to be murdered in the hands of Nikko Jenkins.

In exchange for her plea the prosecutors threw out charges of robbery arising from accusations of Erica Jenkins stole a woman’s cellphone and cash just a day after Uribe Pena and Cajiga-Ruiz’s murders.

Erica Jenkins still is awaiting the outcome of her trial in the August. 21 loss of Andrea Kruger.

Nikko Jenkins was found guilty for murder following the death of Kruger, Bradford, Uribe-Pena and Cajiga Ruiz. She is likely to be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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