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How to Conduct an Expert eCommerce Website Audit

How to Conduct an Expert eCommerce Website Audit
Learn ways to audit an eCommerce website like an expert. Use expert insights to improve user experience, performance, and revenue.

Website audit reports are like a thorough checkup for your site. If you haven’t done one yet or have a website redesign in mind, this post will be your ultimate website audit checklist. No matter whether you own an eCommerce website or a simple one, we’ve got you covered!

Learn about eCommerce website audits in the sections given below, including what they are, how they differ, and how to use the revealed data for boosting your site’s SEO and conversion rates. Let’s get started!

What is eCommerce Website Audit?

An in-depth assessment of how an online store performs and presents itself to customers, from website design through the checkout process, is known as an eCommerce site audit. It is carried out by an eCommerce specialist who will carefully examine the site’s performance and offer suggestions for improvement. These performance pointers may help you cover a wide range of topics. For instance, mobile optimization, page load times, SEO, etc.

A website audit examines the performance of individual pages before performing major search engine optimization (SEO) or rebuilding the website. By auditing it, you can even find out if your website is optimized to meet your traffic goals and get a feel of what you can do to make it better.

A brand’s online store can be enhanced with the help of an eCommerce site analysis. It can assist brands in determining the points where customers experience difficulty and provide enterprises with an opportunity for improvement. An audit can also assist in identifying possible issues before customers become aware of them and leave the website.

If you are looking for a professional who can efficiently audit your eCommerce website, consider contacting professionals from the best web development company in Chandigarh Tricity.

Why eCommerce Website Audit is Necessary?

Customers expect a top-notch experience every time they visit a DTC brand’s website, which is essential. These advancements also pay off. According to research, a 10% increase in UX strategy yields an 83% increase in conversion. Businesses that prioritize the user experience on their websites increase revenues and customer loyalty.

But because websites are always changing, it is occasionally important to step back and consider what is not working. A frequent eCommerce site audit is essential to ensuring that an online store is operating at its best. Here’s why your site needs to be audited:

Stay Updated

Any aspects of a website that require updating, such as old content, broken links, or outdated design components can be found with the use of an eCommerce site audit. For a website to continue receiving top search engine rankings and give users a positive browsing experience, it must be updated.

To Find Potential Risks Related to Security

With the use of an eCommerce site audit, you can find any potential security issues, such as coding flaws or outdated security methods. Brands may protect their website and client data by dealing with these issues.

Improve the Site’s Performance

An audit of an eCommerce site can also help find issues that may be hindering the loading time or upsetting users. Brands can ensure that their websites look stunning, work flawlessly, and tend to perform highly in search engine rankings by implementing these modifications.

For instance, if while auditing you finds that the design of some sections of your site is not up to the mark, you can hire professionals from the best web designing company in Chandigarh and get things fixed.

Find Cross-Selling Opportunities

Brands can use the information from an eCommerce site audit to boost cross-selling and upselling. A brand can see which product or category customers browsed but did not buy. By strategically displaying goods that buyers are likely to buy, store owners can raise average order values and enhance sales.

Things to Be Checked While Doing an eCommerce Site Audit

  1. Search engines and potential customers both care about how quickly a page loads. Websites that take too long to load risk losing visitors and ranking in search results. So, have a nudge on the page loading speed.
  2. Today’s consumers put their trust in a mobile-first design. More than 80% of consumers in developed nations use smartphones, which they use for shopping and connecting with businesses. Hence, you need to make your site mobile-friendly.
  3. Customers are taken to a dead end via broken links. They’re more inclined to exit your website completely rather than keep looking for the missing page. This is why, while doing an eCommerce site audit, you need to check for broken links. If found any, consider removing them instantly.
  4. Identify the names, descriptions, and missing product photos. Every item on a brand’s page ought to appear uniform and attractive.
  5. Consider streamlining the pages and categories. While having too many categories makes it simpler for visitors to find what they’re looking for even with fewer clicks, having too many products on a single page can lead to making a website sluggish.

In the End

You should do an eCommerce audit for several reasons. The performance of your eCommerce website will be improved by doing a site assessment and fixing any shortcomings. So, what are you waiting for? Get your site audited by an expert and take its growth to the next level.

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