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Indulging in Luxury: JR Cigars Exclusive Selections


JR Cigars Review

Lew Rothman founded JR Cigars in 1971 as a little cigar shop in New York City. However, JR Cigars has rapidly expanded to become one of the world’s top wholesalers and merchants of cigars.

They provide a wide range of domestic and imported pipe tobacco and premium handmade cigars, humidors, and lighters manufactured by skilled cigar rollers to suit every customer’s preferences.

Cigars Origin


Although JR Cigars is best known for operating the biggest cigar shop in the world, its history goes back considerably earlier. In 1971, Lew Rothman opened the first JR cigars store in Manhattan at a modest address on 6th Avenue and 46th Street with the slogan “World’s Largest Cigar Store.”

After founding his first store, Rothman swiftly grew his company, creating additional sites in New York City (which have since closed), North Carolina, and Michigan, as well as establishing a wholesale distribution company and a physical catalog company.

By 1998, the business had established itself as one of the country’s top distributors and merchants of premium cigars. It was also frequently the manufacturer’s favorite customer.

The New York Cocoa Exchange, in the financial district of New York, houses an amazing cigar humidor and bar with lovely architecture and opulent furnishings.

That same year, the business also worked with a renowned Nicaraguan cigar maker to create a line of limited-edition premium cigars, including El Gueguense, which had a silky-smooth Ecuadorian Habano wrapper from the Jalapa Valley and aged Ometepe Habano tobacco for the filler and binder. El Gueguense, 50th Collectors Edition, was produced due to the collaboration at Tabacos Valle de Jalapa SA in Nicaragua.

This delicious and velvety smoke is difficult to beat at such a low cost. Alec and Bradley Rubin are the owners of Alec & Bradley and have previously worked with JR.

The company intends to spotlight several cigarmakers besides JR Cigar, who is not the only cigar manufacturer working with JR. Customers may win virtual chips in their brand-new Beat The Dealer app’s poker-style card game, which they can exchange for items like cigars.

With the help of apps, manufacturers can effectively market their goods to consumers and boost brand recognition. Their objective should be to build a powerful brand billboard that will ultimately serve the interests of all parties involved.



With its enormous selection of handmade cigars from the Montecristo, Macanudo, Don Diego, and Partagas brands alone, JR Cigars offers something fresh and exciting from well-known cigar companies in addition to timeless favorites. These premium blends are available at affordable prices.

One of our top-selling cigar brands, JR Alternative Cigars, offers cheap substitutes for Dominican and Honduran cigars. Produced by some of the best cigar factories in the world using premium tobaccos comparable to those used in the original products but at unbeatably lower prices!

We carry numerous premium blends and our JR Alternative brand of premium cigars. It includes some of the most well-known brands in the sector and our house blends.

V. Oliva Serie: To achieve the best flavors of black pepper, spice, chocolate, earthy coffee, and rich tobacco sweetness, Melanio cigars use Nicaraguan ligero long filler and binder tobacco with Connecticut Broadleaf Sungrown wrapper leaf.

Winston Churchill Davidoff Early Hour With cigar smokers, toro cigars have long been a fan favorite, and this blend from their renowned Davidoff brand never fails to excite cigar connoisseurs. This distinctive blend never ceases to astound smokers. It is packed with rich Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98 filler tobacco from Nicaragua’s Jalapa, Esteli, and Jalapa regions for an intoxicating blend filled with pepper, oak, and coffee grounds, earthiness, dried fruit flavors, cinnamon creaminess, and lingering finishes.

Jon created a blend in honor of the deceased in honor of the Mexican holiday known as Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead). Each release’s box and band will feature a striking Calaveras skull design.

As a result, this delicious blend took first place on Halfwheel’s list of the top 25 beverages of 2017. Its successor will emerge even more stunning in 2022; it comes in various sizes to satisfy even seasoned cigar connoisseurs seeking an extra-smooth, medium-bodied cigar experience.

Premium cigar smokers of all levels can find a great deal with Price JR cigars. These handcrafted masterpieces are much more affordable than their commercial counterparts because they are produced at some of the most renowned cigar factories in the world using premium tobacco from the Caribbean and Central America.

JR cigars provide various villas and styles at different price points, ranging from classic Cuban heritage brands like Macanudo, Montecristo Punch, and La Gloria Cubana to modern luxury smokes like Gurkha and Jose Marti.

These popular Dominican and Nicaraguan brands are available in various sizes and packing amounts – tins, boxes, bundles, 5-packs, and handcrafted cigar samplers can all be found for every budget!

Orders of $99 or more qualify for free shipping, and we also have a price match policy in which we will meet any competitor’s currently announced lower price on an equivalent brand, number, and size of a cigar.

Saving on cigars online is a terrific way to minimize prices or explore locally unavailable brands! Just read over the terms and conditions before completing your order to guarantee you are obtaining the best bargain possible.

Our best-selling JR Alternative cigars include long-fillers from some of the world’s most sought-after cigars like Macanudo, Montecristo, and Excalibur at a considerably cheaper price range. They offer identical sizes, flavors, and intensities as their original counterparts while remaining accessible and pleasurable for everyday pleasure.

JR Cigar offers some of the most sought-after premium cigar bundles around! Choose from numerous sizes, blends, and package numbers before deciding on any cigar in this list. Additionally, sampler boxes allow you to test out multiple cigars to discover which you prefer before committing.

One of our most recognized premium cigar lines, Jose Marti cigars from Dominica and Nicaraguan tobaccos, is among our best-selling selections. Crafted utilizing state-of-the-art factories with lengthy filler tobacco blended with velvety Connecticut Shade wrapper to provide pleasant flavors that please.



JR cigars offer superior tobacco at an economical price range, with popular brands and blends that start under or around $5 per cigar.

No matter your smoking habits or brand preferences, JR Cigars have something suitable for every taste and price point – from Cuban-legacy brands like Ashton to CAO Fuente Macanudo Partagas Padron; there’s sure to be one that meets them!

If you enjoy Honduran-made cigars, JR Honduran Alternative cigars give an attractive choice. Crafted utilizing premium Honduran-grown tobaccos as their original counterparts but much more inexpensively!

This line of cigars provides numerous popular sizes, like Toro and Double Toro, all manufactured with Nicaraguan binder and Ecuadorian Habano wrapper from Nicaragua – so no worries about the quality of your smokes!

Formerly regarded as one of the best blenders in the world, Christian Eiora. These delectable smokes reveal his love for the Honduran cigar tradition.

Camacho’s selection of CLE cigars, which ranges from mild Connecticut blends to more potent CLs, demonstrates his breadth of interest and knowledge. Everything is available here, from mild Connecticut varieties to his more potent CL.

Because experts have awarded them high ratings, you may relax knowing that CLE cigars will deliver a pleasurable smoking experience worth your time and money. Even better, subscribe to these premium cigarettes so they are always ready when it’s time to light up!

As a participant in the JR Insider Loyalty Programme, you may use the points you accrue from purchases to get discounts on cigars. Additionally, there are exclusive discounts and promotions from the business. Sign up on their mailing list to be updated on sales and new releases!

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