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Learn to read Stonk O Tracker AMC For Beginners

Stonk O Tracker
Stonk O Tracker

Stonk O Tracker: I’d like to help novice retail investors in all ways I can. I’ve been asked questions about the meaning of Stonk-O-Tracker signifies.

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Stonk O Tracker AMC

The information found at the beginning of Stonk-O’Tracker is straightforward, starting with the NYSE.

This is the closed price by on the New York Stock Exchange.

This is the price of the stock.

SSR stands for short sale restriction.

The SSR stops short sellers from constantly shorting stocks.

The SSR provides the date at the event that this regulation was activated.

If SSR is activated, it’s usually due to an overwhelming amount of shorting driving share price of a company down.

The SSR safeguards investors who are retail and is activated when a stock’s share price drops below 10% from last trading day.

FRA can be described as FRA is the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The FRA is the largest German stock exchange.

The price is shown to euros.

What are options? What do they mean in stock?

Stonk O Tracker

Stonk O Tracker AMC

The investors in AMC stock can either purchase the stock or calls. These are options you can put your bets on to expire within a specified time.

What makes these contracts appealing is the fact that they are less expensive to buy since they’re typically offered in bundles.

The investors who buy call options usually speculate that the price of stocks will rise significantly in the near future.

Contacts ITM ending:This is the number of calls due to expire at the specified date.

If an investor had the strike price at $49 at the close of Friday, and the rate of action equals $55, then the call option expires in cash or ITM.

The number of calls ITM expiring on Stonk-OTracker is the exact number of these contracts expiring on the date specified.Visit

Calls ITMCalls ITM refers the amount of options for calls that expire at a particular dollar amount.

In the previous reference it lists 21,823 calls that expire in cash at $50.

“Credit shares” or “borrowed shares” are the amount of shares that short sellers are able to borrow the stock.

The number drops when a company is shorted or its price is forced down.

Short sellers are able to borrow shares after they’ve exhausted some or all. But, this comes with the cost of.

Shorts have to pay the fees that is outlined in the chart.

ETF available Stonk O Tracker

ETF is also referred to by the name of an exchange-trade fund. As with index funds such as these, they combine a range of stocks in an group.

AMC Entertainment stock is pooled with a handful of ETFs that short sellers are also able to be a part of.

The ETF that is available is the total number of ETFs with hedgies can be short.

Option data: Calls vs puts

The chart for option data illustrates put vs. call options for stocks. I reviewed what calls were more than.

Puts are exactly the same as. Puts put bet on the price of the stock to go down instead of rising. When put bets are placed the stock is downwards climbed.

This chart will show you the number of options available both in and out of it.

The funds are just contracts that aren’t at or in the range of current prices of an actual stock.

Trading data Stonk O Tracker

It is important to note that the shorter percent of the data on trading is the proportion of the volume that is being shortened.

Dark pool percent indicates the proportion of trading performed in a closed environment.

The unidentified platform is referred to by the name dark pool.

Short sellers are able to use different shorting strategies.

The SEC should be investigating this since it’s a method of manipulating the market to shorten a stock. In this instance, AMC and other meme stocks.

Fails to Deliver

Failures-to-deliver refers to contracts which have not been executed within the pockets.

They are submitted to the SEC (securities exchange commission) and are updated every time they make available the data.

This chart outlines the amount of contracts that did not complete and at what price they failed to execute.

The SSR trigger information located at the end of the Stonk-O-Tracker just lists the price when it ceased going into effect, as well as the date at which the SSR was set at.

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