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Pikdo: Exploring the Instagram Viewer and Downloader


Pikdo is among the most used tools for Instagram. It is extremely helpful for professionals and users alike. This page lets you look at the stats of any account without any login or registration. Another use for this page is to check out an account’s activities without risk of others finding out. While you don’t have access to their stories, Pikdo allows you to look at wall posts and biographies.

This application isn’t available, but it’s possible to choose alternative apps that offer similar functionality and features. One of the top alternatives is Gramhir because it gives an opportunity to study the performance of a profile and doesn’t require registration. There are other alternatives that let you look at profiles without having to sign up for an account, but they could differ slightly and be more specific.

What exactly is Pikdo

Pikdo was a site for viewing Instagram with no account or login on Instagram. It lets you browse public profiles, their stats in addition to the feed’s content post, biography and other posts. This kind of tool could be described as “Instagram Viewer for web browsers” and is free, but it might be limited in some ways.

What does it mean?



Pikdo is an extremely extensive tool that allows you to look at and analyze Instagram profiles. Knowing the main functions of this tool can be helpful in choosing alternatives that share the same characteristics such as:

Access Instagram public Instagram profiles without any personal accounts The Feed’s posts will be displayed and can be a good alternative for people who don’t use IG however, but would like to view photos posted by their acquaintances or friends.

Get statistics and other basic information about your profile It is an ideal feature that can be applied to your personal as well as other accounts for analyzing the level of popularity and reach, as well as other information like the use of photos or videos. The data will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the kind of content that is being utilized.

Note that videos are not included from the list, along with specific information regarding followers and followees, but there is a way to view the entire number. Also, it is not possible to view users who comment or post content, however there is a way to look at what number of people have commented posted on the post. Visit

The best Alternatives to Pikdo

While the Pikdo platform is no longer in use however, there are many alternatives that are comparable in terms of functionality and accessibility as well as having extra features. From the many options available seven websites are notable: Gramhir, Metricool, Storiesig, Webstagram, Insta DP, StoriesDown and All Hashtag.

Pikdo alternate: Gramhir

This website is to analyze Instagram accounts, since it provides the percentage of images and videos posted on the account and the average number of comments per post. You can also look at all the content in the feed, which includes followers and comments. Additionally, it allows downloading of content that is visible like videos and photos (only stories are not included). ).).

Official site:

Pikdo alternate: Webstagram

This is a platform that allows Instagram as well as Twitter accounts can be analyzed for free without registration, however it is also possible to perform this. Webstagram provides detailed information about popular accounts as well as accounts that have large numbers of followers in the beginning but it is also possible to examine every account. The tool provides statistics for the current time and forecasts for the future of the growth of the account.

Official site:


The Instadp website provides a range of tools to download and view images and videos on Instagram along with TikTok. This is all done anonymously and for no cost with no need to sign in or download third-party software on your computer or mobile device. It doesn’t show account statistics, but it does allow download from Instagram’s videos, profiles photos stories, posts, and stories. featured stories, and carousels.

Official site:

All Hashtag

This is a different option to Pikdo that is focused on finding the top Hashtags that are currently trending or those that belong to the publication that you would like to publish and receive more views and interaction on this social media network. There are several tools that focus on these tags. They include:

Generator lets you to search for and create many tags to be used in the publication, based on some or all of the words.

Analysis: displays information and statistics on the hashtags that people are searching for.

search engine Its search engine lets you locate the best tags by using three search choices: “Top”, “Random” or “Random” and “Live” or “Live”.

Creator: allows you to design new tags that can be adapted to the brand, product or service that is launching or looking to develop a unique Hashtag.

Official site:


This easy-to-use site allows users to browse the most recent stories and highlights of public accounts which are listed by the search feature. Contrary to other websites Storiesig doesn’t display any videos or posts that are found in the feed of a user’s profile, nor do they provide analysis of data or statistics regarding the accounts. One of the advantages is the ability to download all content visible on the website.

Official site:


This tool was created to allow you to be able to view Stories without needing the creation of an Instagram account. You can also browse other posts like videos and images however only if the Instagram account you want to view is not accessible to the public. One of the best advantages of this tool is the ease of downloading of content, including wall posts and profile pictures and also featured stories from recent posts.

Official site:

There are numerous alternatives to Pikdo that provide as or more than the original Instagram account viewing and analysis site. They generally specialize in one area, like Webstagram’s analysis of data or viewing and downloading of content.

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