The Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking Technology for Truck Fleets

GPS technology

In 2021, around 32 % of GPS tracking users reported a high ROI within less than six months. This is a major reason GPS Fleet tracking has proven to be an amazing benefit for fleets of trucks. GPS tracking devices for fleets made by trusted brands like Digital Matter have proven to be a valuable asset for fleet management.

Fleet managers can benefit from the advancements in the field of telematics and telematics to reap a number of benefits for their business. They can reduce costs as well as enhanced productivity.

These tools allow you to track each vehicle in your fleet from one central area. This gives you more control over your entire process without the need to physically be present at each truck.

What are the other advantages of truck fleets? This article will highlight a few of the main benefits which GPS fleet tracking can bring.

Visibility of Vehicle Location

Being able to track the exact location of each truck within your fleet is just one of the primary advantages of using the commercial GPS tracker software.

Fleet managers can utilize the information to serve a variety of commercial purposes. They can plan routing and scheduling destinations more efficiently that ever. This is possible due to the fact that you can monitor an individual vehicle’s route and journey.

A GPS that tracks every vehicle will provide you with complete insight into where they’re headed at any point throughout their work shift. They’ll be able to provide real-time data regarding speed, idle times and stops, miles traveled as well as locations.

With this kind of information readily available, it’s easy to determine the ways in which expenses like fuel costs and idle time could be cut down.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Another advantage that comes with GPS technologies for tracking fleets is to do with the cost of fuel.

For example, you can determine which cars had the least idle time throughout their shifts. You can then alter your route accordingly, and decrease idle times in areas which aren’t as needed. This puts less strain on the engines of your trucks and reduce the amount of gasoline consumed over time.

By optimizing routes and improving efficiency in general through better efficiency and optimized routes, you’ll reduce monthly costs for fuel. It will do this without risking safety or productivity levels.

Improve Productivity

Alongside cutting down on fuel expenses In addition, you can increase your efficiency by better managing all your trucks. This is due to the fact that GPS Fleet Tracking Software provides you the capability to control each driver’s work more efficiently. It will ensure that they are performing their duties in the most efficient way possible.

You’ll be able see the length of time a truck has been idle during its shift, for instance. It can help drivers determine what idle periods are taking place.

Another way fleets can benefit from GPS tracking of their fleet is that they can complete tasks quicker than ever before. If fleet managers have access to live information on their location in real time they’ll be able detect potential issues and deal with problems immediately.

In the end, trucks will make more deliveries each day because of better time management.

Improve Driver Safety

The use of the GPS tracker for fleets can also increase safety for all drivers. This is due to the fact that you’ll know the exact location of each driver’s vehicle is at any given moment. You’ll also be able to see the speed at which it’s moving and if the engine was turned off recently.

With this kind of data available managers can make sure employees are following the most effective methods. In the event of any issues with a specific driver, they will be addressed quickly prior to causing trouble when driving.

In conjunction with lower idle times because of optimised routes, and the real time location information This will make the surroundings safer for everyone driving.

Ensure Compliance With Federal Regulations

GPS tracking of your fleet is essential as it allows you to be in compliance with federal laws. This includes ensuring compliance with hours of service (HOS) that truckers must follow as well as regulations governing the Electronic Logging Device Rule.

This requires all drivers with an commercial driver’s license (CDL) to utilize an ELD device in order to legally operate within U.S. roads. If truckers use traditional logs made of paper instead of using an digital system, they could be fined.

Improve Customer Service

The GPS fleet tracking technology could be used as a tool for customer service for any business that is smart. Trucking companies are contacted by customers to get help every day since they are having issues with delivery.

With real-time data on location available, you’ll have the ability to determine where the automobile is located at any moment, and also what its current state of being (i.e. or not moving). This will enable managers to give precise information regarding expected arrival times. Therefore, customers are not left waiting around for deliveries that may not arrive in time.

Theft Protection

The use of a GPS tracker for your fleet (like that of the Caravan GPS monitoring system) can protect your vehicle from theft. Truckers have been the target of the theft of cargo or hijacking previously. They carry precious goods or products.

But, if you’re using real-time location information to track trucks, you’ll be aware instantly if a truck has gone missing. This allows for an immediate action program to put into place, and police are immediately notified which will keep your employees and cargo in good hands on the roads.

The Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking Technology in the Trucking Industry

As you can see, there are several benefits to the use of the GPS tracker for fleets. If your business is seeking ways to boost efficiency and increase efficiency while reducing expenses, this system could be the right one for you.

If you now understand why GPS Fleet tracking has become important and essential, your company should begin seeing the benefits quicker. For more helpful articles such as this one, visit our other blog


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