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The Princess Diana Ring is one of the most iconic jewels in history.

Princess Diana

One of the most favorite items ever is the engagement ring worn by Princess Diana. Her unique sapphire oval design stood in stark contrast to traditional engagement rings.

Garrard Jewelers was chosen to provide her with the ring she sought, which broke the royal family tradition of using only custom pieces and caused some controversy.

Princess Diana: A Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Princess Diana

An eternity band with sapphires and diamonds has long been considered an elegant way to commemorate love and commitment or add some royalty to their jewellery collection.

Sapphires have long been cherished gemstones among royal families as a sign of honesty and integrity, and they come in shades like blue, green, pink, and orange that suit any style flawlessly.

Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring, now belonging to Kate Middleton, is one of the most iconic engagement rings ever worn. Prince Charles chose Diana to represent their love as an eternal symbol.

The sapphire ring features a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire with 14 diamonds in an 18-karat white gold setting encrusted by an elaborate halo setting, set within an expensive piece that has remained in Princess Diana’s family ever since her passing in 1997.

Garrard jewellery catalogue and purchase it instead, breaking away from the longstanding tradition of creating one-of-a-kind rings for royals. Diana chose not to select a custom piece but bought one from their catalogue, further cementing its popularity among royals.

According to Daily Mail reports, Diana chose a diamond and sapphire ring inspired by an 1840 brooch given as a wedding present by Prince Albert; its sapphire inlay paid tribute to this family heirloom that symbolized love and devotion to her mother.

Some members of Diana’s royal family criticized her decision, believing the ring would make the royal family too accessible to the general public.

Despite all its controversy, Diana’s sapphire ring remains among the most recognisable pieces of royal jewellery ever made. She wore it throughout her marriage to Prince Charles until its end was finalized in 1996, even after their divorce was officialized.

This breathtaking sapphire and diamond ring will add beauty and sparkle to any ring collection. With deep blue sapphires paired with diamonds, this piece will stand out among any crowd.

Princess Diana: Aquamarine Ring

Princess Diana

Aquamarine rings are stunning gemstones that add class and style to any ensemble. Their pastel blue hue is reminiscent of the ocean, while their facets reflect light as though dancing across its surface.

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family, along with emerald and morganite. Its name is a combination of two Latin phrases that translate to “water of the sea.” hence its widespread usage for its beauty and clarity since ancient times.

Stones that symbolize fidelity and love, such as amethysts, are often believed to protect from physical and emotional poisons and bring good fortune into one’s life.

Princess Diana owned an extensive collection of aquamarine jewellery, such as this exquisite ring from 1996, which she wore with horseshoe and laurel earrings and a five-strand pearl bracelet. It was worn to a gala in Sydney, Australia, that October.

Upon the conclusion of her divorce from Prince Charles in 1996, Asprey created and presented her with a $90,000.00 sapphire and diamond engagement ring as its replacement.

Princess Diana chose this timeless yet elegant ring as the ideal statement piece, lasting for generations. It will always remain part of her legacy.

This ring boasts a 1.53-carat oval-cut aquamarine stone encircled by a halo of diamonds that continues down its band for added sparkle. Set in platinum for modern aesthetics.

Rare and precious, garnet is an ideal gemstone to mark any special event, whether engagement rings, birthday presents, or as the birthstone for March! Plus, it makes a great statement about who loves that month!

Although stones come in various shapes and sizes, emerald or oval cuts offer incredible colour enhancement and brilliance.

Asprey Ring

Princess Diana

Asprey Jewelry, famous for its quality designs since 1825 in London, provides jewellery fans of the British Royal Family with an exquisite addition. It offers rings and earrings in gold or silver finishes.

If you want to invest in Asprey pieces, classic and timeless rings should be your top priority. Select from calls made in platinum, rose gold, or yellow gold with round or emerald-cut diamonds; sapphires, emeralds, or rubies may also be included for variety.

Asprey rings have become a favourite choice among celebrities and royals. Kate Middleton owns numerous Asprey pieces, including daisy stud earrings, a 167 button pendant, and oak leaf design rings.

Currently known as the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was seen sporting an emerald-cut aquamarine cocktail ring at her wedding reception in May 2018. It’s thought this piece is a replica of one Princess Diana wore, and Asprey made it specifically for them as an engagement ring replacement option.

Meghan made her first public appearance wearing the ring alongside a Stella McCartney gown in her initial public appearance and later for a formal dinner in Tonga in October 2018. It is a beautiful and meaningful remembrance of Princess Diana, who collected blue and aquamarine pieces for her jewellery box.

Lucia Flecha de Lima gave this beautiful Asprey ring as a gift to Princess Diana. She wore it during Christie’s auction and official trips abroad, such as to Australia, where she visited the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

Princes William and Harry received all of Princess Diana’s jewels after her death, including an estimated $90,000. Prince Harry wanted to exchange one Cartier watch for an Asprey ring estimated to be worth that much.

Jewellery lovers looking to expand their heirloom collection should consider adding the Asprey Ring. A versatile piece that can be worn day and night, it features an emerald-cut aquamarine set off by small solitaire diamonds for an eye-catching display.

Cartier Watch

Princess Diana

Cartier watches have long been associated with making an impression. They are worn by figures like Kate Middleton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Andy Warhol, making them an excellent investment choice!

While they are best known for the Tank watch, other designs like the Ballon Bleu and Santos watches are also notable. Each style boasts unique shapes and features.

The tank has an eye-catching rectangular case inspired by boxy Renault tanks used during World War I trenches. Since its creation, several sub-collections have emerged under its banner; today, it remains a classic Cartier design enjoyed by celebrities and royalty.

Cartier Maillon de Cartier watches are highly sought-after among watch enthusiasts due to their dynamic and fluid form, like their signature bracelet resembling a frog’s leg. Watch enthusiasts appreciate its fluid and dynamic shape, which has earned them such acclaim.

The Cartier Indomitable collection takes an unconventional approach by subverting traditional rectangular watch design by twisting and turning it to create movement—perfect for modernist celebrities like Kate Middleton.

Princess Diana often wore this model with its yellow gold case and black alligator strap, pairing it with her Patek Philippe watch from Prince Charles and wearing her Cartier Tank Francaise, which had been given to her by Harry as well.

Cartier watches stand out from other brands with their unique serial numbers; these four-digit numbers identify each watch model in detail and should be inscribed deeply onto its case back.

Cartier signatures are visible on the case backs, and identifying one with deep and clearly defined lettering can indicate authenticity.

As well as checking for signatures and dates of manufacture, inspect for delicate capital letters spelling “Cartier.” often overlooked but essential in identifying genuine Cartier watches.

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