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Tyler Lockwood on “The Vampire Diaries”

Tyler Lockwood from “The Vampire Diaries” is an iconic hybrid vampire and werewolf character, played by actor Michael Trevino to great acclaim on TVD.

He’s a spoiled teenager from an elite family who frequently battles others and attempts to show his superiority over them. Additionally, his violent temperament was passed on from his father.

Tyler Lockwood is a werewolf.

 Tyler Lockwood

Tyler Lockwood was born to Mayor Richard Lockwood and Carol Lockwood on February 10, 1993, unaware their family carried the werewolf gene. As Tyler grew, his awareness of what his DNA held within its genes for werewolves grew over time.

At birth, he had no decent qualities, no good relationship between himself and his father and no decent bone in his body. Rather he became arrogant, selfish and bully-ish as an adult with short temper issues who easily got angry.

At Mystic Falls High, Tyler had close ties with Matt Donovan and played football for the school team. Additionally, he developed feelings for Matt’s sister Vicki whom Tyler loved deeply.

Tyler discovered from Mason that he carried the werewolf gene and became fearful that becoming one would activate an ancient curse plaguing his family for so long. Additionally, he learned how to control his temper.

After accidentally killing Sarah in season two’s episode “Masquerade”, his family fell under a werewolf curse. Later, he met Caroline Forbes, a vampire who offered support during his transformation process and prepared him for life as a werewolf.

Caroline and Tyler fell deeply in love, but Tyler felt betrayed when Jules revealed that Caroline and two other vampires, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, were responsible for his uncle’s death. He felt abandoned.

He eventually joined forces with Hayley to stop Klaus, the vampire king who threatened Mystic Falls’ slavery by breaking free of her sire bond to Klaus, while when one of The Five appeared, Tyler distracted their hunter so his friends could escape from danger.

He is the son of Mayor Richard Lockwood and Carol Lockwood.

Tyler Lockwood

Tyler Lockwood was born to Richard Lockwood, Mayor of Mystic Falls and Carol Lockwood – wealthy parents who seemed to give him everything. Tyler was popular and good-looking, with a strong athletic build. However, his friends frequently called him an arrogant brat who frequently got into fights.

After accidentally killing Sarah, he accidentally activated a family curse that would transform him into a werewolf every full moon. Caroline Forbes offered support during this transformation process, eventually becoming his companion and falling for her.

Tyler often picks fights with his friends and is frequently called out as a “dick.” As he became a werewolf, his behaviour gradually altered as his passion increased.

He began treating his family more thoughtfully, eventually stopping his abusive ways and ensuring his mother was cared for after her cancer diagnosis in season six.

Tyler is also a part of Mystic Falls High School football team and is best friends with Matt Donovan and Jeremy Gilbert.

At school, he is an athletic and kind student; however, his relationship with his father has become tenuous, often acting very aggressively towards him.

Tyler Forbes and Caroline Forbes had long been romantically involved. But during the second and third seasons of the series, Tyler meets Caroline again, and they begin dating.

Tyler seeks revenge against Klaus for killing his mother. Additionally, he joins The Armory as an active member and assists other hybrids while watching for any werewolves lurking nearby.

He is a member of the Mystic Falls High School football team

 Tyler Lockwood

Tyler Lockwood is a high school student playing for Mystic Falls High School’s football team. He is the son of Mayor Richard Lockwood and Carol Lockwood; they share a very difficult relationship, sometimes acting violently towards each other.

Tyler Gilbert is Tyler’s Mystic Falls High School football team rival. Jeremy, an emotionally damaged drug user, has feelings for Vicki Donovan, whom he hooks up with several times. Still, upon witnessing Stefan murder her, he becomes volatile and eventually commits suicide.

Matt Donovan is one of the Mystic Falls football team members and Tyler’s closest friend. His father was once sheriff. Matt works as a busboy at Mystic Grill; and is responsible for caring for Vicki Donovan, who uses drugs and suffers from mental illness.

In Season One, Vicki Donovan falls for him, but when she abandons him for Jeremy Gilbert instead, he becomes furious and begins abusing drugs. Once he witnesses Stefan kill Vicki, he abandons drugs and starts living a more stable lifestyle.

Tyler becomes troubled upon discovering Klaus has a hybrid child. When Klaus discovers this plot, he kills all hybrids and Tyler’s mother – including himself!

Tyler convinces Hayley to join him and help ensure all the hybrids, freeing them from their sire bonds in return. All hybrids are freed of sire bonds and given new lives through their sacrifices.

Tyler selflessly sacrifices himself when a hunter comes to Mystic Falls, distracting vampire hunters so that his pack can flee safely. After his sacrifice, Tyler becomes the Alpha of their pack and is finally recognized as the leader he was always meant to be.

 Tyler Lockwood is in love with Caroline Forbes.

 Tyler Lockwood

Tyler Lockwood has an undying affection for Caroline Forbes despite his insecurities, wanting nothing more than spending time with her and protecting her from any danger she might encounter daily.

He is also an excellent companion, always there when she needs him.

After a group of werewolves captures Caroline, she initially breaks off their friendship. Later though, she decides that they can share a happy future and decides to reunite.

She and Tyler begin an intimate romance and eventually get engaged and married.

She is an intelligent, hardworking, and kind girl who greatly values her friends. As the leader of Mystic Falls High School’s football team, she leads her squad towards victory.

She has proven her talent as both a television producer and journalist and founded The Salvatore School – a private school for children with special needs.

She is an exceptionally beautiful and gifted individual who excels at acting and singing, possessing great acting chops and an excellent vocal range. Additionally, she possesses great strength – boasting a big heart that loves giving back to the community.

 Tyler Lockwood is a member of The Armory.

 Tyler Lockwood

Tyler joins The Armory, run by Elijah and Marcel Gerard. He first comes to their attention when Alaric Saltzman asks him to locate one of The Hollow’s bones for Klaus.

Once bitten by Klaus, he becomes sired to him. He tries to protect him but eventually realizes he must break this bond to become independent instead of his master’s slave.

In season three, he helps Caroline escape Bill Forbes, who had imprisoned her. At this time, he also falls for her and becomes emotionally attached.

Tyler and Caroline become close during the series, even sleeping together. She eventually breaks up with him, but they continue their relationship until it’s revealed she’s a vampire.

Later, Elena is discovered by Damon and Stefan and revealed as being a hybrid by both of them. Elena later aids them in getting a cure, though tragically, Elena perishes when Katherine bites her to exact vengeance against Katherine for killing Elena.

Bonnie Bennett and Damon Salvatore of The Armory are resurrected from their dead bodies during season five by passing through Bonnie as an anchor of the Other Side; depending on where they’ve crossed through, she will resurrect either as human or undead people depending on which side of the veil they crossed first.

In season six, Kai encounters Liv Parker, forming a strong friendship with her. Liv also performs a spell for Kai to heal herself and Kai after they are both attacked by Kai.

At last, she convinces him to kill her to break his curse despite his deep regrets and agrees.

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