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Unveiling the Remarkable Talents of Felicia Forbes: A Rising Star Shining Bright

Felicia Forbes

Felicia Forbes is a Christian missionary minister based out of Cape Town who strives to spread Christianity. Additionally, she has served as human resources business partner at ABM AVIATION INC since 2018.

As she lives a solitary lifestyle and rarely appears in the media, she has also recently become a widow following the passing of her husband due to COVID-19 symptoms in 2021.

Felicia Forbes  Born in 1972

Felicia Forbes is an American missionary and minister who travels around the globe spreading her message. Born in South Africa on 2 January 1972 with a mixed ebony ethnicity heritage, she is a devout Christian with an extended family that she deeply cares for – her mother, Katy, passed away unexpectedly in June 2020.

She is married to American actor Tommy Lister. They met while filming his movie Blast in South Africa and fell instantly in love, eventually marrying at Falk Haroun’s residence for an intimate ceremony in 2003.

Tommy and Amy shared an adorable daughter whom they both enjoyed showing off on social media. They often posted cute pictures of her to show how close they were, sharing some beautiful memories on their accounts. Tommy would often post about those beautiful times too!

Felicia Forbes has been working as the Human Resources Business Partner at ABM AVIATION INC since November 2018 and has found much success in her career, rapidly rising the ladder. Felicia is a dedicated wife and mother who works tirelessly on behalf of her family. She possesses a lively sense of humor while being fun to be around; also providing unfailing care and support as a friend.

Felicia Forbes Married to Tommy Lister

Felicia Forbes

MIAMI BEACH, FL – MAY 18: Tiny Lister attends the Dub Car Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center on May 18, 2013 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/WireImage)

Felicia Forbes married Tommy Lister the year they met; filming Blast together led to an instant romance, and they tied the knot at Faik Haroun’s Cape Town home soon after that. Later moving to Los Angeles together, they have Faith – their pride and joy, whom they often post pictures of online.

Before marrying Lister, Felicia was just another ordinary person. Born Katy Holmes on 2 January 1972 in Cape Town, South Africa, under the sign of Capricorn astrology, a Capricorn is ambitious, responsible, and loyal while sometimes stubborn and pessimistic; this can make working together difficult; fortunately, Felicia is deeply religious with a devout family upbringing.

Felicia is a Christian and works as a missionary to spread Christianity across many distant countries. Additionally, she serves as a Human Resources Business Partner at ABM AVIATION INC, where she has proven very successful for several years. Felicia currently resides with her husband in Calabasas, California, with whom they’ve been together for over 16 years – they enjoy each other’s company immensely and frequently travel together with Felicia’s beautiful daughter, whom she treasures deeply.

Net worth

Felicia Forbes is an American missionary and minister. In 2003 she married Tommy Lister (known by his nickname Tiny), having one daughter together named Faith Grace Lister. They reside in California, where Felicia has worked as the Human Resources Business Partner at ABM Aviation Inc since 2018.

She boasts an impressive career but remains relatively private about her personal life, not having social media accounts or making public appearances. 2020 saw the passing of her mother due to cancer. She made no plans to remarry.

She has been involved in some minor controversies but nothing of significant consequence. She’s a religious woman who prefers spending her free time with her family. Currently, she lives with her daughter and spouse.

Felicia Forbes was born in Cape Town, South Africa, on 2 January 1972 to American parents of black ethnicity background. She received her schooling from a private institution. And she professed Christianity, though she doesn’t talk much about herself publicly. Standing 5 feet 7 inches with measurements 33-24-35, Forbes looks stunning with curly brown locks.


Felicia Forbes leads an extraordinary life as both minister and wife to an actor. As a missionary who travels around spreading Christianity worldwide and a fashion designer with her label called Faith, Forbes stands out as an extraordinary woman of immense beauty with divine features.

She weighs approximately 100 pounds and is 5’7″ tall. 132 pounds, her hair is dark brown. Although busy with work commitments, she remains an attentive mother to her daughter.

Her parents raised Felicia in Cape Town, South Africa, after attending a local private school for her education and later focusing on her career goals. Felicia met and married Tommy Lister while filming a movie in South Africa; their marriage resulted in a happy family life together.

The couple has a daughter named Faith and enjoys an extravagant lifestyle together, often travelling around the globe while cultivating deep connections with one another. After 17 years together and many vacations shared, their love remains undiminished – they own a house worth $2.5 million in Calabasas covering 6,158 square meters that houses five bedrooms, five bathrooms and an elegant two-story foyer – they even own an auto from Bentley worth approximately $100,000!

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