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Why Are Movies Released on Streaming Instead of Theaters


Watching movies is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating experiences one can have. If you are a movie buff and enjoy watching it in theatres, you must be familiar with the glory of the big screen: the booming sound and the murky ambiance.

These factors lead you to an immersive experience and an exciting journey. The suspense that the dreamy dark lights create and the movie begins immediately teleport you to the different dimensions.

Watching movies in the theatres is a one-of-a-kind experience that enables you to share laughs and gasps and even shed tears in a room full of unknown people with the same love and admiration for movies. It creates a unique sense of connection.

The theatre’s collective reactions and energy make the movie-watching experience truly memorable. But as the time has changed, the movie-watching experience has also evolved. And streaming platforms are proven to be the game changer in this regard.

Unlike watching movies in theaters, watching films and shows on streaming platforms is a new comfort level. It allows you to curl up on your sofa, grab some snacks along with you, and delve deep into the vast collection of movies, which are just a few taps away.

On streaming platforms, you can effortlessly discover and enjoy the cinematic venture on any device, whether a laptop, smartphone, or TV.  You can access a comprehensive collection of genres and find your new favorite movie anytime.

Since the rising popularity of streaming platforms, most studios prefer to release their films on streaming platforms rather than in theatres. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu have been the most prominent names in the realm of streaming platforms.

Ever since people have been able to accessHulu in Philippines and other regions globally, the demand for watching new and trending movies on these streaming platforms has risen significantly.

Which ultimately compels the studios to release their content on streaming platforms and attract a larger audience. And the window of screening movies in cinema exclusively is getting shrunk.

Reasons for Spurning Movie Theaters

The studios prefer to release either the movie on the same day on each platform or just release it on streaming sites. Still, the decision to release movies on streaming platforms is influenced by several factors, which we discuss below.

Amenity And Accessibility

The reason why studios are opting to release their movies on streaming platforms is that the way of consuming media for the people has totally changed. They are busy with their lives and barely get time to get up and drive all the way to the theaters.

And to find suitable parking. Therefore, Why would someone trouble themselves with it when you can simply enjoy the same content from the comfort of your home?

With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly access the latest and trendy movies and enjoy them at your desired pace. You can pause your movie and rewind it if you want to relish a particular scene again. Moreover, you can fast-forward a scene if you find it boring.

Further, you can display your movie on any device, smartphone, laptop, or TV.  This comfort and convenience have shaped the entire preference of the audience about how they like to watch movies, which influences the studios to act accordingly if they want to benefit from the situation.

Changing Consumer Preferences

Over the years, the fondness of the customers has significantly changed. And a major shift is seen in the inclination toward digital content consumption. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Disney Plus have earned enormous vogue.

Additionally, People have the perk to enjoy the flexibility and convenience it provides. The ease of what to watch, how, and when to watch. The on-demand nature of the streaming platforms has facilitated the viewers and encouraged them to watch movies at home.

Global Reach And Expenditure Effectiveness

Streaming platforms offer an extensive global reach to the movies. It allows movies to transcend geographical boundaries and introduce themselves to a new audience. In comparison, theatrical releases are bound and limited to specific regions.

The movies released on the streaming site have a high chance of getting recognition worldwide. Whereas the traditional releases, due to the limited reach, can fade into the crowd without getting the targeted audience’s attention.

Plus, the expenditure in releasing a movie in a theater is comparatively more reasonable and cost-effective. You dont have to be involved in physical distribution and rents of theaters. Hence, you can invest the amount in marketing your movie on various platforms and give it a major boost.

Impact Of Pandemic

Unfortunately, the pandemic has profoundly affected everyone, especially the entertainment industry. The closures of cinema houses profoundly impacted the studio’s owner, which directed them to release their content on streaming platforms.

Since streaming platforms have become a lifeline in the entertainment industry, the back-to-back release of movies while the theaters were unavailable has made the trend of releasing movies on streaming sites even loftier.

Original Content

Streaming platforms are not just a hub for movies; they invest hugely in producing their exclusive original content and productions. They join hands with the imminent actors and film producers to produce captivating content.

Which will be only available on their platform. This heavily attracts the filmmakers and the actors to indulge in the experience. Streaming platforms enable you to be creative.

And provide you with the platform to reach and make your own audience globally.

Wrapping Up

The studios are simply not in a position to neglect and crush the presence of the streaming platforms. Further,  it has already made a mark on the public.

So, to make the best out of it, the future outlook may cover the release of movies simultaneously on both theatres and streaming platforms.


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