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A Wiki (/’wiki or I WIK’ee) can be described as an internet-based hypertext website that is collaboratively edited and controlled by its own users by using an internet browser. A typical wiki has numerous pages pertaining to the subject or subject matter of the project. It may be accessible to the general public or restricted to use within a company for the purpose of maintaining a private database of knowledge.

Wikis can be enabled through the wiki software, also called Wiki engines. Wikipedia engines, as a form of a digital content management system, are different from other web-based applications, like blog software, because the content is created with no identified leader or owner. The wikis also lack in terms of structure, which allows structures to develop depending on the needs of users. Wiki engines generally permit users to write content using an uncomplicated markup language and can be modified with the aid of an advanced rich-text editor.[2There are hundreds of wiki engines currently in use, both as standalone engines and integrated into other programs, like bug-tracking software. Certain engines for wikis are open-source and free, while others are exclusive. Certain allow control over various aspects (levels of accessibility). For instance, editing rights can allow the modification, addition, or removal of content. Some may allow access without the need to enforce access control. Other rules can be set to control the content.

users of wiki

There are a variety of users of wikis, including private and public, and include wikis that function as knowledge management tools and note-taking instruments as well as community websites and intranets. Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first wiki-based application, WikiWikiWeb, originally described WikiWikiWeb as “the most basic online database that can possibly work.

The online Encyclopedia website Wikipedia is among the top-visited wiki-based sites and is among the most popular websites in the world, as it has been listed among the top 20 since 2007. Wikipedia is not a single wiki but instead a collection of hundreds of wikis, each one being a specific language. The English-speaking Wikipedia has the biggest number of articles. As of July 2023, there were more than 6 million pages.


Ward Cunningham The Wiki Way

In their book 2001, The Wiki Way: Quick Collaboration via The essence of the Wiki concept was outlined by authors Bo Leuf and Ward Cunningham in their book The Web: pageThe Wiki Way is a way to collaborate on the web.

“A wiki invites all users–not just experts–within the wiki website, in order to update any page or to add new pages, utilising merely a basic, “plain-vanilla,” unmodified Web browser.

Wiki encourages meaningful subject linkages between pages by making the creation of page links intuitively simple and by indicating if a desired target page already exists or not.

“A wiki is not a well-built website made by professionals and expert authors and intended for casual users. Instead, it aims to include regular users in a continuous process of production and cooperation that transforms the online environment.

A wiki allows

A wiki allows groups of contributors and editors to collaborate on writing documents. All people need to contribute is a computer. Additionally, there is an Internet connection. a Web browser and a basic knowledge of the basic markup language (e.g. MediaWiki markup language).

A single page on the wiki website is known as”a “wiki page”, while the entire set of pages, which are typically interconnected via hyperlinks, is “the wiki”. Wikipedia is basically an online database that allows for the creation of, browsing and searching information. A wiki can be non-linear, changing, evolving, complex and networked text, as well as allowing editors to engage in argument as well as debate with regard to text as well as formatting.

One of the most distinctive features of Wiki technology is the ease at which pages can be made and maintained. There is usually no need for a review by moderators or gatekeepers before changes are approved, and consequently, changes are made to the site. A lot of wikis allow modification by the public without the need for registration of users’ accounts. The editing process is in real-time and can be posted almost immediately online.

However, this is a feature that allows misuse and abuse of this system. Private Wiki servers require the user to be authenticated in order to modify pages and, sometimes, even to view the pages. I’m meant to be a n. Kamel Boulos, Cito Maramba, and Steve Wheeler write that open wikis create the process, which is Social Darwinism. “… due to the flexibility and speed at which Wikipedia pages can be edited, they undergo an evolutionary process of selection, similar to the one that life forms are subject to. The sentences that are not ‘fit’ and sections are rigorously weeded out to be edited and replaced when they aren’t considered to be ‘fit and will hopefully result in the development of a more effective and more pertinent page.”

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